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30 Day Program

HCG 6,000IU
  • One Vial HCG 6,000IU

40 Day Program

HCG 8,000IU
  • Two Vials HCG 4,000IU

50 Day Program

HCG 10,000IU
  • Two Vials HCG 4,000IU

60 Day Program

HCG 12,000IU
  • Two Vials HCG 6,000IU

Dr. Emma

Weight Loss is our Business

Most websites make claims that this hormone permanently resets a person’s metabolism. This is false. No clinical studies in the USA support this information. Any type of diet requires long term strategies, such as eating right to maintain weight loss. Where we stand out is that we offer ongoing weight loss counseling and support, without additional charge. Your success is our success!

HCG Assisted Diet at Bodyology Center

“Our approach at the Bodyology Center is a methodical, proven program that gives you the right products, a targeted process, and a support team to realize your weight-loss goals safely and quickly. When combined with your motivated commitment, you can dramatically reshape your body and your life.” ~ Gary Levine, Bodyology Center LLC.


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